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Archival Insert Tape

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(2 cm x 50 m)  0.8 Inch Wide x 164 Feet Roll


Neschen Filmoplast P90, is the industry standard for adhering printed materials into lab notebooks. Fully archival, acid-free construction prevents yellowing or detachment over time. The body of the tape is white/opaque and easily written on with most all pens. 

Tape is self-adhering and pressure-sensitive; simply apply and press the tape onto the sheets you wish to adhere to. Each box comes with a serrated edge for segmenting the tape on the bench.  



- Permanent, solvent-free, acrylic adhesive

- Certified Aging Resistance (PBA-No: 21.495/2)

- 3.3 mil uniform body thickness 

- Buffered with calcium carbonate to retain archival quality 

- Passed PAT test ISO 18916 for accelerating aging




    Archival Insert Tape