Log-Books, Defining New Standards | A User Survey

-Equipmenent, Temperature, Calibration, Animal  Q page size? 8.5 x 11 or 9.25 x 11.75? Ribbon marker? Different Color Covers By Type - ALlows for d...

What Size Is Pocket Size? | A User Survey

Compact Pocket vs Pocket (Field Pocket Size). Is the ribbon size included with this? Size Groups:  3.5 x 5.5 4 x 6 4.25 x 6.5 Waterproof cover? Wat...

A New Library Of Impressions | Optimization In Customization

- New system, more options, less steps, easier to order, less cost.- All infline forms,- 12+ color options for foil, and deboss and emboss (softcov...

The Case For Ribbon Markers (A Time Study)

The Question_ Do ribbon markers increase the time you have in the lab.    The Peremiters_ Find 36 pages (use 2-4 pages per session), average time r...

New Standard Layouts

Now available in our Oversized notebooks (9.25 x 11.75 in, mm) are our Standard Dot Grid And Ruled + layouts. Dot Grid  Ruled+  

A New Vela Sciences Standard

Improved writing surface Reduced Ink-Show Through & Bleedthrough More sustainable Archival-Quality, Acid-Free American Made  

What Makes An Engineering Notebook?

General grid layout, generally smaller spacing (1/5" spacing).  Generally refers to hardcover variation (ISO ready, permanent bound).  Options N7-B...

What Makes A Chemistry Notebook?

Ruled layout + or standard, generally hardcover, softcover     expanded softcover, ruled expanded softcover, ruled+ expanded hardover, ruled expand...

Easy Closing, An Optimization For The End Of A Notebook

Page Modification to allow for consistent location of summary and denotation of book number ( in case it is not the next numeric book).  Project nu...

The Imperial Delima

Metric is the predominant language of science.. But sometimes merit outside metric.  we offer 1/4" variations of our standard Vela layouts (Grid, a...

Maximizing Page Area, A Price Guide

Bookbinding and volume all impact price in often unaparent,  Maximizing usable page space.  Book to Book Comparison Size Style Ordering Volume
Lay Flat By The Numbers, A Guide

Lay Flat By The Numbers, A Guide

soft and hard, open and close spine, open up the book after shipping. durable, wont hurt the book, will just allow the book to stay open on the bench.

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