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In research, especially professional labs working within ISO standards, it is important for the researcher to date and sign every page immediately after filling out the page. This helps prove when the research was accomplished, or discovery was realized, and who was the author.

An additional layer of security, and proof of time and authorship, is when a witness also signs and dates each page of work. A witness is generally someone that has a good understanding of the work but is not personally invested in the project (generally excluding co-workers or lab partners). A witness must read, understand, and verify the work and ensure that laboratory notebook standards are being upheld. It is good practice to have a witness sign and date an entry as soon as possible after the researcher completes the entry.

The Vela Grid+ layout features designated date and signature blocks on the bottom of every grid page. With this configuration, it is important for the researcher to cross out all blank spaces between the last entry on the page and the signature and date block on the bottom of the page. This ensures no additional writing will be written in following the date listed.

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