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Our standard cover is a printed heavyweight paper stock coated in a skuff resistant, lay-flat laminate. This specialized laminate helps the book lay more and flat and protects against water and chemical damage. Overtime, scratches and smudges will show, simply wash with wet rag or use a small amount of Windex to help maintain the cover.  To view our printed covers, click here.



Our DuraCover covers, available only in hardcovers, is our most durable option. It is a saturated, tight-weave cloth that can take years of abuse and remain virtually unchanged. For a more classic, professional look and feel, see our ProCover options. To view our DuraCovers, click here.



Our ProCover is a durable, synthetic leather substrate. It has a classic, professional look and feel and is an industry standard for most professional research labs. ProCovers are available in three stocked color options, with more colors available upon request. To view our ProCovers, click here.