What Makes the Executive and Studio Series Stand Out

Our new line of hardcover notebooks—the Studio and Executive Series—are designed to be a cut above any other lab notebook currently on the market, for anyone looking for an upscale, custom option that maintains the integrity of the work within.

Designed in collaboration with designers and both modern and traditional book makers, this line uses a range of refined cloth and genuine leather options, marbled papers, and hand-tooled details.

With this attention to detail comes a higher price point ($25-$275), but it gets you the best that custom book making has to offer. Each product is hand made to order and unlike anything on the market right now. This could be the ideal line for executives and labs who really want to stand out in the field.

Science is at the heart of our work and yours. We believe placing more attention on the lab notebook itself, further highlights the work created within.

Explore the Studio Series and Executive Series and let us know what you think. 

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